Success Stories


At Balance Hot Yoga we have customers who are nearing or have reached 1,000 classes! We’re so honored to have such committed yogis. To honor them we’d like to highlight their stories and celebrate this amazing achievement. Read their stories below and like us on Facebook to follow along with others as they reach this exceptional milestone!

Amy Lederman.

How did you discover Balance and what sparked your search for a yoga studio?

I wasn’t looking for a yoga studio, the limited experience I had with yoga, I thought I didn’t like yoga. It was too slow moving for me. I was doing two other workout programs at the time (which was definitely over kill) so my husband and a friend of mine at work kept bugging me to try Balance to try to “balance” out all the working out I did. I think I finally went just to shut them up 😊. I took my first class with Kari and it was super-hot, I sweated like crazy and I loved it!

What made you choose Balance?

Balance has amazing instructors and it’s a beautiful space.

What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from hot yoga?

There are so many benefits from hot yoga I can’t list them all! First would be how it helps me to recover and be aware of issues my body and muscles are having. I do CrossFit on a regular basis, which means I lift weights, run, row, bike, do body weight exercises – a variety of exercises. Hot yoga helps my body to recover faster from these workouts. It also helps me be aware of my soreness, sometimes I don’t know until I get to yoga that a particular muscle is sore. Being body aware is a great way to prevent injury. Sometimes I will tweak a muscle or get an injury, because yoga has such settle movements, I can track whether my injury is getting better or worse.

Secondly, I think the biggest benefit I have gotten is learning to control my breathe. Some practices, it’s REALLY HOT and when I first started hot yoga, I found my heart racing and I would panic thinking I was going to pass out. But the instructors are always there to remind you to breath and that breathe will decrease your heart rate and help you regain your composure. I use this technique when I’m trying to get through a tough CrossFit workout and my heart rate is getting up there, I remind myself to take 2 or 3 big breaths, control my breathing and my heart rate so that I can keep going. Also, when I’m just out living life and things gets tense, just being able to remind myself to breath, has helped me so much.

What has it been like to come to Balance over 1000 times?

Incredible! And I can’t wait to come back 1000 more times.

Why would you recommend Balance to someone else?

Because hot yoga has tons of benefits and there is no other studio in the Cedar Valley that can compare to Balance!

What about Balance makes it different from other yoga studios or other fitness places?

At Balance, your mat is your own. You aren’t competing with anyone, that are no scores to write on the board, you can’t see everyone else’s heart rate on a TV screen. You are there for your own purpose. Your teachers are there to guide you on your own perfect journey, which is different for all of us and can change for each of us every time we step on our mat.

What is your favorite result you have experienced so far?

Stillness. Being able to accept and be happy with stillness. When I started at Balance I was working a job where I worked a ton of hours, I was working out between 1-3 hours a day, coming home cooking, doing laundry and shuffling kids around. I thought I needed to be the perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect employee, have a perfect body. Stillness, sleep, rest, contentment – I looked at these as my enemies, always pushing to be better, do more. I soon figured out that perfection doesn’t equate to happiness, so I quit my job and began my journey to be a happier, peaceful, imperfect person.

Balance has been a big part of that journey. Being able to have a safe place like my mat, where I can wobble in poses and take my shirt off even though some days my belly sticks out and my tiger marks show. I’ve learned how to let go of those ideas and perceptions that I need do this or be that to be perfect. I can just be me with no judgment. In class we are asked to find stillness, for someone like me, that’s a big challenge. It’s something I still must work at, even after coming to 1000 classes. I’m a lot better at it now, I’ve learned to find stillness in yoga and life and enjoy it and not feel guilty about it.

How would those close to you describe the difference they’ve seen in you?

They see that stillness, they see me more at peace with myself, less anxiety, more happiness. They see a person they like being around more than the old me.

What has surprised you most about hot yoga?

How many physical and non-physical benefits there are. I think people who are in shape come into yoga and think it will be easy, but they don’t realize that yoga uses a whole different muscle “set” than cardio or strength training.

Evan Massey.

How did you discover Balance and what sparked your search for a yoga studio?

I wasn’t looking for yoga. I am friends with Kara and around the time Balance opened and she kept inviting me to attend a class. Eventually I went to one and I really liked it.

What made you choose Balance?

I enjoy the hot temperatures and fast pace, challenging classes.

What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from hot yoga and what has it been like to come to Balance over 1,000 times?

My increase in flexibility and stress relief.

Would you recommend Balance to someone else?

I can’t encourage people enough to check out Balance. I believe it would benefit anyone, but especially athletes in any sport. The increase in flexibility and mobility alone can improve anyone’s daily life.

What is your favorite result you have experienced so far?

I am probably the healthiest I have been in my entire life.

What has surprised you most about hot yoga?

How hard it can be. I had no idea what I was getting myself into that first class. As I got stronger and gained more experience it got easier, but there is always something to improve upon, and I think that is what I enjoy the most.

Randy Kraayenbrink.

Why did I choose Balance Hot Yoga?

Honestly? Because Kara, a good friend, opened up a hot yoga studio. My daughters thought it would be a good idea to check it out, so we did. Five-and-a-half years later I’m still going strong in every class. Well...most classes. Did I mention how freaking HOT it is in there? I was also having some lower back issues five-and-a-half years ago. My core strength has improved tremendously resulting in little-to-no back pain. Plus I’ve played sports my whole life so I needed a no-impact workout for my joints.

What motivates me?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve played sports my whole life. I have always been coached. I have always had someone telling me what to do and when to do it. I try to work out on my own in a gym or at home but it’s too easy to sit on the couch and change the channel instead. So here’s my first secret--I pay money and because someone tells me what to do each and every workout it is awesome! The instructors at Balance are absolutely the best. Each and everyone of them do a great job. And, because I’m Dutch, I’m determined to get my money’s worth! Another reason I reached 1000 classes. And my other secret? I like to eat ice cream. A lot. Thus I work out.


Finally, I’d like to congratulate Mickey who also reached 1000 classes but in THREE years. Practitioners of yoga will tell you that yoga is not a competitive sport--but let’s be honest--she won. (Did I mention she is about 10yrs older than me?) Congrats Mickey!!!


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Mickey Kelly.

How did you discover Balance and what sparked your search for a yoga studio?

I discovered Balance by searching the internet for yoga studios in the Cedar Falls area. I attended 2 studios.

What made you choose Balance?

The atmosphere at Balance was very welcoming and the schedule of classes offered gave me the opportunity to attend classes with the variety of talented, well-qualified instructors who make the practice challenging yet encourage everyone to make modifications as needed.

What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from hot yoga and what has it been like to come to Balance over 1,000 times?

After a few injuries I experienced limited flexibility, decreased strength and pain which limited being able to do some types of exercises that I was used to. Practicing hot yoga has allowed me to increase my flexibility and strength and reduce pain which are a few reasons I go to Balance so often. I feel blessed to spend as much time as possible with the people I get to call friends (instructors and participants) who make Balance an exceptional yoga studio.

Would you recommend Balance to someone else?

Family and friends who come to visit me are fans of Balance and often bring their yoga clothes and mats when travel so they don't miss their opportunity for hot yoga at Balance when they are in Cedar Falls.