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Balance First Timer Tips.

If this is your first experience with hot yoga, be ready to become ADDICTED!! A few tips before your first class…

  • Be sure to start hydrating yourself the day before you come or at least the day of.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Eat a balanced meal 2-3 hours beforehand.
  • If you have your own mat or towel please feel free to bring those. If not, no worries, we have them available to rent for $2 a piece.
  • Wearing tighter fitting clothing is recommended. You will sweat a lot so baggier clothes could become heavy and very hot. This is most definitely a suggestion, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible!
  • See today’s schedule and/or signup online.

As said earlier we want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so feel free to take any modifications we offer and remember to enjoy yourself. Yoga is not only great for exercise but fantastic for the mind.


cedar falls yoga

Balance Hot Yoga has been teaching Hot Yoga in the Cedar Valley for nearly 10 years. Balance opened its doors on College Hill in December, 2013, our main goal was to deliver high quality hot yoga to Cedar Falls and surrounding areas. After almost 9 years we decided to expand and offer hot yoga AND non hot yoga classes. In October 2022 we moved to 924 Viking Road and now have two beautiful studio spaces, in our new location, to offer a broader spectrum of yoga. Both studios hold 35 practitioners.


Our hot room sits at a toasty 105 degrees. The idea behind the heated room is to simply emulate the temperature in India. With the additional heat, the body experiences a wonderful cleansing feeling, along with the blissful feeling that yoga brings you truly can’t beat it!


The non hot studio is at room temperature. We offer Beginner Non Hot Yoga which is great for those brand new to yoga to breakdown and understand the practice. It is also a great option for those who may not love being in 105 degrees as well! We also offer kid yoga and training in our non hot room as well!! The options are endless in our new space!!


For both rooms we reserve 20 spots for online registration. We really encourage walk-ins, so check out our schedule and please stop in for a class!!

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